By Lady E

One track of footprints,
Lonely, desolate, vision of pain,
Stumbling on the edge of misery,
Amidst scattered sand, hopes and dreams.

Then there were two,
The tired, lonely one and another
Dropping out of the sky
And toward loneliness drew nigh.

One set of feet ahead,
Leading, encouraging,
Beckoning the other.
The second set behind, mine.

Yet, what unearthly power
Would twist and turn the ends of fate
So that one wandering soul could transform
Into the receiver of salvation?

Deep in earth I stood once,
Rooted and caught, unable to move.
Then Your presence whispered to me,
White wings of love bore me above.

Sweet contentment, since that fateful day
When You stepped in my life
And held my shivering hand,
Calmed my fear, kissed away pain.

Your gentle guidance, loving touch,
Leading the way,
Step by step, day by day,
'Til the end of eternity.

Two tracks, one love,
A trail of footprints telling the tale,
Unwashable, unquenchable,
Memory of an unsearchable love.

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