Annoying author's note up ahead, skip if you don't want your head filled with nonsense…

A/N: This 'poem' was made in the early hours of a school day, midst the scratching sounds of pen on paper, and the sounds of students scratching their heads.. This was inspired by a topic in the subject of advanced chemistry, "limiting reagents"… I was thinking limits, then people held by limits, no freedom.. thus, slaveship... So don't sue if this sucks… Constructive criticism and reviews greatly appreciated!!

p.s. Many more interpretations, most likely, and I want to hear yours! ^_^ [hint hint]



Is thrust upon us…

Yet what is darkness,

But a lack of light?

            Stoic stares

            At the darkening sky

            As the rain begins to fall;

            Endless thoughts well hidden,

            Forsaken by hope.


            Ever so patiently,

            For the calm to end;

            For the storm to take them

            And, hopefully,

            Set them free…

We are consumed

Overwhelmed by the freezing cold…

Yet what  is cold,

But a lack of warmth?

            The wind screams, howls, sighs,

            Midst the downpour

            And the steady beating

            Of their caged hearts.

            Does it feel the pain?

            The pain emanating

            From their ostensibly hollow eyes;

            From the depths of their souls?

            A lone teardrop is lost in the rain…

Our souls once lost in the darkness;

     Our souls once lost without light,

Are now falling…

     Now soaring…

To be drowned,

     To be revived

In endless seas,

     In the ephemeral sky,