Little Children,

Broken and Alone

By Eisei Pika-ki

Am I safe?

So many things can happen,

So many changes can occur,

It's only a matter of time

Before the veil is ripped off the child's eyes.

I used to think I was safe and secure,

Now I'm not so sure,

My nightmares have all grown up now,

But I'm so far behind.

I was protected far too long,

Kept out of the evil shunned,

Hidden from secrets of my own,

Now I must pay the price.

I'm not safe, am I?

The darkness rose unexpectedly,

Shrouding everything known to me,

Hidding my shivering form from light,

And showing me everything a child should not see.

I hold it carefully,

As if it's a delicate creature,

Keeping it hidden from them,

Isn't it my friend?

I know already everything they tell me,

I see everything they show me,

"The world is good and kind,

Everything will be alright."

That doesn't mean I care.

I stay in this stoic expression,

And I keep up this façade,

If no one can tell I am in the darkness,

No one can hate me.

I admit darknes on my person,

But not for the world to hear.

I have friends that must be eased down,

And family that must be gently pushed away.

I want happiness,

But I know not how to find it here on earth.

I seek temporary joy while I wait for light,

But seek it in dark things.

I'm not… loved that much, am I?

It's cold here.

Shivering never got humans anywhere,

And I do not,

Because it shows I am weak.

It's dark now, too.

Being scared never got humans anywhere,

And I am not scared,

Because it shows that I am easily bent.

I like the dark and the cold.

It holds me like warmth cannot,

The dark rests my soul,

And the ice holds the comfort in place.

I'm not… very good, am I?

I like the dark and cold.

It means I'm alone,

And if I can ignore the ripping of my heart,

Then I'm happy, for now.

When one is alone,

There is always someone out there for them,

And that means someone out there is just for me.

Just like the bleak, cold, darkness.

Someone is going to come for me, right?

I hurt so much,

My chest, it reflects my emotional pain physically.

Is this why it hurts where my heart is?

I'm not very strong, am I?

Someone has to come for me!

That's the rules,

No one alone, at least not in my stories.

Everyone becomes happily united.

But if I don't get held,

Put in a loveing imbrace,

I will have imersed myself into darkness,

Forever, permanatly.

Maybe if I hide in the dark,

It won't hurt so much.

If I leave forever,

Who would cry?

I'm not going to be saved, am I?

I disappear forever,

Into a cold bleak shroud,

That holds me like a warm lover,

But I am cold, and so is he.

I stand in the rain,

Watching as it falls into the depths.

I watch myself,

As I fall into my sea of lies.

I am too dark to be saved.

I pulled myself to deep.

I hid away from everything too long,

And nobody cared.

We're not very humane, are we?

Come and save me,

Come and hold me,

Come and see what you have made,

Come and see what you need to save.

The children come out and play,

And are pulled inside when the darkness comes.

Why was I left alone?

Why was I left outside when the darkness came?

The children all have little blindfolds,

Watch the monsters tear them off,

Watch what you created fall apart,

When the little children no longer play.

All I want is to be loved.

The rain falls,

The pain puls,

The feeling intensifies,

As I scream all alone.

Am I safe?

Only when your little and cared for.

I'm not safe, am I?

Only when you've grown, and no one cares anymore.

That doesn't mean I care

Because you've heard it all before, and they weren't there when you broke it all.

I'm not… loved that much, am I?

No one loves what is weird; dark and cold and alone.

I'm not… very good, am I?

You speak of dark things beyond you're years, making you bad.

I'm not… very strong, am I?

You used to be, before the darkness made you needy.

I'm not going to be saved, am I?

The darkness consumes, but you don't care, and let yourself sink deeper than before.

We're not very humane, are we?

No one cares, you can choke yourself in a crowded room, and they laugh.

I'm not safe, am I?

You're not safe, are you?

We're not safe, are we?

They're not safe, are they?

The veil is torn from the child's eyes,

Revealing what is not meant to be seen.

The monsters tear at the little children,

Come and see they're broken bodies.

Come and see what you've created.

Come and see the little ones,

Unable to play anymore.

Come and see the little children,

Come and see what is to be seen no more.

I'm not safe, am I?