What I Would Say

Sometimes I watch you, playing your game

And wonder why you can't see

What I've been trying to show you since

The second day I knew you

You're the only guy I confide in

And I hope you feel the same

But sometimes I wonder when you leave

Am I ever in your thoughts?

To you, I'm probably just a friend

But I wish that I were more

Every time I see you there alone

I wonder how to tell you

You seem to care enough about me

But can we be more than friends?

You always say that you fail with girls

And what exactly am I?

I am your friend, and I am a girl

You told me you could trust me

I dated someone else for a while

But I liked you all along

Why can't you see that I like you more?

And that I can do my best

To make this work if you'll let me try

If you'll only let me know

I know you would never believe it

But I'm just as shy as you

I don't want to hide the truth from you

But I can't find the right words

I was already rejected once

And am still feeling the pain

I cannot take it again, so soon

Please hear my innermost thoughts

When I talk to you, you're like a friend

And I don't have to be scared

I've learned so much from talking to you

And I only wish you knew

You say that no one will ever care

And you call yourself a nerd

But you're the coolest guy that I know

When will I confess to you?

I'm afraid to ruin our friendship

And to lose just one more thing

I'm scared that you'll tell me to leave you

Or be shocked and simply stare

I've asked my Tarot, my friends, and peers

But nothing can ease my fear

I couldn't stand to be rejected

By someone as nice as you

I have always been the shyest girl

Afraid to ever take risks

But one of these days, the time will come

And I will tell you I care

Will you feel the same way about me?

Or ignore my every word?

Will it make any difference to you?

Or will you leave me for good?