Crawling out my window,

I whisper silent goodbyes

And trudge out of my backyard,

Into the starlit night.

I stand alone in frigid air

And shut my eyes closed tight

I wish I was somewhere else;

To fly away from here.

An unwanted tear slides down my cheek

I brush it quickly gone

I'll hide my weaknesses forever

I will be so strong.

A sob escapes my empty shell

I can't show signs of caring

I'm slowly stripping myself raw

I can't hold on forever.

My breath comes out in rugged gasps,

I must admit I'm crying

I've held it in for far too long

And have crushed my strong-willed spirit.

The moon shines on my hated tears

I inhale the fresh crisp scent

The rain has vanished, sadly

I wish it would come again

I shake my head, deciding

And climb back into bed

My tears have kissed the flowers

My sadness making joy.