Thy death draws nearer,
So heed thy voice,
Thine sorrows and suffering,
Ere least at thy choice,

Didst thou knowest,
That the wind may change,
Thine orders do not hinder,
Least diminished is thine bane,

Upon thou brow,
A crown may sit,
Thou nestled in royalties,
Thou stealest the hearts of the sick,

Thine deeds ere good,
Although thine heart tells otherwise,
Thoust fondles in doubt,
Thou have until sea-tang tide,

Knowest is thy words,
Yet thine heart is heedless,
Thus go forth,
Shalt thou be released,

Hither trust into delay,
Alas! Thine death is come,
Thy sorrows now venture,
Amid where they are from.