~*Truman High School*~


Teachers: *Alan Lansky* Principal, generally very kind, wife passed away two years ago, father of Jonnie.

*Jacob Hartman* History teacher, has taken drugs in the past, flirts with some of the older girls.

*Aretha Williams* Science teacher, sweet, attractive, flirty, has a crush on Jacob.

*Elaine Marks* English teacher, best friends with Aretha, single mother of Lucy.

*Arnold Jones* Math teacher, somewhat overweight, a bit of an outcast among fellow teachers

*Geoffrey Johnston* PE teacher, tends to victimize certain students, hypocrite

*Denise Manchester* Art teacher, usually nice to everyone, somewhat delusional

*Russell Clarke* Guidance counselor, loves helping students that are in need, compassionate

Freshmen: *Glen Michaels* Shy, somewhat nerdy, best friends with Denny.

*Denny Bloom* Glen's best friend, not very intelligent, somewhat depressed.

*Lucy Marks* Elaine's daughter, very smart, is teased because of her mother, not very popular.

*Annette Whitaker* Lucy's best friend, ditz, obsessed with popularity.

*Lydia Burch* Troublemaker, comes from a semi-poor family, bi-polar, hangs out with twin, Joe.

*Joey Burch* Troublemaker, comes from a semi-poor family, hangs out with his twin, Lydia.

Sophomores: *Lana Lewes* Shy, bookworm, comes from an abusive home, doesn't have many friends.

*Brie Newman* Outgoing, semi-popular, ex-friend of Lana, not smart, cuts herself.

*Celeste Casey* Brie's best friend, anorexic/bulimic, over-achiever, control-freak.

*Adam Hughes* Semi-popular, has a huge crush on Brie, somewhat stupid.

*Davis Michaels* Glen's older brother, Adam's best friend, fairly popular.

*Eli Browne* Loner, shy, stupid, drug addict, comes from a very poor home, suicidal.

Juniors: *Lissa Turner* Most popular junior, incredibly mean and sarcastic, very atheletic.

*Gemini Frazier* Lissa's best friend, popular, has been called the "epitome of a dumb blonde."

*Helena Dutch* Hugely unpopular, often teased, very overweight.

*Cameron Bloom* Denny's older brother, shy, not popular, suspects he might be homosexual.

*Ethan Mulberry* Cameron's best friend, homophobic, wants to be popular but isn't.

*Bradley Arnolds* Tough, hangs out with seniors mostly, rich.

Seniors: *Tori Rogers* Tough, does drugs, drinks, Rickie's twin sister, moves around a lot, suicidal.

*Rickie Rogers* Tough, Tori's twin brother, drug dealer.

*Jonnie Lansky* Alan's son, very smart, most popular boy in the school.

*Krista Wheeler* Most popular girl in the school, somewhat mean, very smart.

*Cait Brookes* Tori's best friend, tough girl, smokes and drinks.

*Dean Whitaker* Jonnie's best friend, hates Rickie, semi-smart, Annette's older brother, popular.