Into the night she speaks thy name
Covers my might through all crying pain
Her dawning might and shelter we seek
To blinding thoughts and her winters keep

A moon dies off into the cold
The meaningless thought a prayer to behold
Our shadow of doom conquers the land
The breathing tyrants threw casting my hand

The sun shall arise without gods to plead
A shining star with a falling need
Doom was with all that speaks thy name
Cast the shadow of all to maim

You are the guardian
A serpine of light
You are the angle
That covers my night
You are the speaker
Of truth that is plead
You are the kiss
That I so need

Thoughts cast away into shades of black
A tendering thought upon my back
To seek in true beauty
A cast from a cold
Along my watchtower
I seek into old

Downward I fall
This lonely hole
A finding with nothing at all
And nothing to show

A breath dies from within
From you that I see
I cloud from my death
The pain is in me

I wish upon the falling star
Falls beneath the throne
I cast with you upon my own
A weakening time was shown