Escape, Docile, Oceanic, Snow, and I finished out our high school "career" at Holdon High. We gained a couple more members to our group and no one mentioned the murder, because no one missed Arora. The other people in our group were Kiara, Damien, and MariCarmen.

Kiara was innocent yet gothic and a "hard core rocker". She listened to the the 'classic rock' such as ACDC, Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Guns and Roses, Twisted Sister, Black Sabbath, and Metallica. She also listened to stuff like Disturbed, Incubus, Godsmack, Linkin Park, Staind, Saliva, and the Goo Goo Dolls. She played percussion in band and that's how we met.

I met Damien in band also. His black shaggy curly hair covered his forehead and ears; it stopped near his chin. His eyes were cerlean blue. He was one of those people that all the people in drama, art, and band seemed to have a crush on. He liked classical music, jazz, and "old school rock." That's what originally got him interested in Kiara. They were both poets and enjoyed literature. He absolutely loved her angelic face, her blue almost turquoise eyes, and unique style and personality. They went to college and eventually got married. Both of them ended up being teachers, he of English and her of Music.

MariCarmen and I connected on an emotional level. We had both had similar home lives and both wanted the same thing--to get out. She was an artist. She was very energetic, hilarious, and yet understanding also. Oceanic dated her for a little while in high school. Which made since to me, because Oceanic and I connected on a emotional level as well. We were very much alike. They met up by sheer coincidence *wink* later in life and got back together. They are engaged now and still talking, which is always a good sign.

Escape and Docile got back together since the confusion had died down. They eventually got married also, they were meant to be together, I believe. He was an engineer and she was a body piercer.

Snow and I got married like our parents said we would in the first grade. We lived. does that count? Snow had a scar from where Arora had tried to fork him to death and an irregular twitch in that arm every so often. I was an english teacher, like Damien, and kept in touch with all of my high school friends. Snow was a drummer in a band, my little skater boy. lol. All was well in Holdon. For now.