Kasi's Poem


She is the world's unlined heart.
Butterfly kisses dot her curves
like the universe is a cocoon
and caterpillars are reborn straight
into her embrace.


The windows are open,
the crosshatching shredded by shadows
and she is safe in her bed
dreaming about opaque experiments
and the fairies who are absent
during waking hours.

At twilight she cups fireflies in
her hands and sneaks past
the guard on the riverbank
to dip naked toes in wet sand,
always careful not to ruin the castles
of faceless children.

They shine a heart-shaped hole in her
shirt-pocket, barely illuminating
the faint outlines of a lilac sunrise,
and she imagines herself curling
over the edge of a schooner with
candied sails, as if she were
smoke trying to trap the wind.

She stays safely afloat
until the guard awakens and notices
her glittering silhouette, the evened
imprints of individual fingers and toes,
and waves her away from the shore.

He does not admonish her
because he is too preoccupied with
the lack of her presence.


She sets her fireflies free knowing
they will return the next evening.