Can you feel
My breathing
I can feel
Your heart
I can hear
It beating
Softly against
My cheek
I wish we could
lay like this forever
I wish we cold
Stay like this
For all of time
Our love lasting forever
Mingling with the stars
Floating us from this world
To the next
Disappearing in the universe
Everywhere we go
Your holding my hand
Telling me you love me
Then I see you
Doing the same
With the other girl
You broke my heart
As fragile as it may be
Why did this happen?
There is no answer
From the cold, dark silence
I feel the icy, cold
Breath of Death
On my neck now
Reminding me how
You said good-bye
So coldy your voice
Cuts into my heart
What should I do
Without your voice
What should I do
Without your love
I could never love another