Title: Leave Me Be
Author: Heather P.

I lost some skin today,
Kicked it to the curb,
Letting it burn and turn to ash,
But the dust blows back into my face,
Like some shadow that will never leave me be.

I peeled off a deep tattoo today,
And washed it off to let it lay,
Until it floated off, so far away,
Only to come back to me with the tide,
In the suds of my shower stall,
Such scum shall never leave me be.

I flicked off this switch today,
Clicking closed this circuit of supposed love,
Don't let this get you down baby,
Our amperage wasn't good enough for me,
And the energy your given, it just wasn't right,
But your shock value will never leave me be.

I killed this blood today,
That flowed from my heart,
Letting this song support my breath,
Before it left me completely,
And I fell into the sea of tears,
The salt rusting my skin,
Red encrusting my eyes with a hue of aching,
That will never let me be.

Oh! Let me be, baby, let me be!