So...yeah. This is my freaky little work of non-art inspired by flamemajic's CIMH. It's about my "Id" wandering around my subconscious, which is how I get inspiration for stories...Plz r&r!

I don't own Monty Python, Bewilderbeeste (which is from a Monty Python episode), or the quote about a frontal assault (which is from a Monty Python movie). I don't own CIMH either, which should be obvious.

*Small, timid guy w/eye tic walks up*

Cameron: Um, hello...

*looks around*

Cameron: I'm Cameron, the author's "Id", which is Freud's word for your sort of instincts or backbrain, as opposed to "ego", which is your conscious mind, and your "superego", which is your moral center that tells your ego about ethics and such. The author had to look in the encyclopedia to find all this out, by the way. Anyway, it's one of my jobs, as a writer's id, to wander through his subconscious and get him inspirations for his stories...

*glances around fearfully*

Cameron: However, since this is _this_ author's subconscious, there's some scary stuff in here...

*looks around again*

*Bewilderbeeste run by*

Cameron: Yeah, I didn't actually give him Bewilderbeeste, he got that from Monty Python. But what are they scared about? Something's stampeded them...

*rumbling noise*

*Cameron looks towards noise*

Cameron: Oh no! SPOONALANCHE!!!

*giant wave of spoons comes tumbling down mountainside which has just spontaneously sprung up in the author's subconscious*

Cameron: ARRRRRRGGGGGHHH! *being carried along by spoonalanche*

*mountain and spoons disappear*

Cameron: *groans* Ohhhh...I hate spoonalanches...

*pulls himself up, dust himself off*

Cameron: And that's not the weirdest stuff in here, believe me. I mean, look at Jingcrondolia over there, it's a horrible dictatorship he made up for a story that never happened with no private business and compulsory tell me that isn't strange?

Jingcrondolians: *concerted shout* NO WE AREN'T!

Cameron: *shouting back* YES YOU ARE!

Jingcrondolians again: NO WE--oh wait, we are...SORRY!

Cameron: YOU SHOULD BE! Arggg, now my throat hurts...*take drink from trunk of elephant who spontaneously appeared beside him* Oh a hose...wait a minute, that's not a hose, that's...YUKKK! *spits frantically, washes mouth out from drinking fountain which spontaneously appeared on other side of him* Now you go away!

Elephant: *makes that spit-take noise they make* *can't leave in a cab, so it leaves in a huff, that's to soon so it leaves in a minute and a huff*

Cameron: What a strange paragraph. Anyway, I'd better look for some inspiration...*wanders away*

Cameron: *a couple minutes later* Well, the author wants to write more of Demonhunter: Ryolan, so I'd better look in the Fantasy and Manga/Anime sections. *Goes towards Fantasy* Hmm, cross reference with Manga/ Demons... *assorted things popping up and flowing around him while he says these things, like that car website commercial* *in an aside to audience:* Being an id has it's perks, you know. I can arrange the subconscious how I like it, for instance.


Cameron: Oh, all right. Back on script... *goes Fantasy*...Demons...*things popping up*...Ah! Okay, here we are.

*composes himself*

Cameron: Okay...Demonic planets...demonic monkeys...demonic number...demonic _possesion_...that'll do. HEY! EGO!

Ego, whose name is Declan: *pops up* Yeah? Come on, I'm busy writing you, what is it? Hey, wait a minute...*train of thought switches tracks* _I'm_ writing this! So I can do anything I want with the blatantly-ripped-off- from-flamemajic's-CIMH Author's Note!

Cameron: Oh, crud...

Author's Note: Cameron is now a rabbit.

Declan: Ha, ha, you're a rabbit! Ha, ha, I sound like that guy from the Simpsons! Ha, ha!

Cameron: *twitches nose angrily, leaps at Declan's throat*

Declan: ARRRRGGGGHHHH! *runs away* We can't risk another frontal assault! That rabbit's dynamite!

Cameron: *laboriously scratches out message on floor in sand that just spontaneously popped up*

Declan: Wow, I use "spontaneously" a lot, don't I? Okay, what's he saying? C-H-A-N-G-E space M-E space B-A-C-K space O-R space I space W-I-L-L space E-A-T space Y-O-U. Oh, all right...

Author's Note: Cameron is human-shaped again.

Cameron: Whew! Anyway, as I _was_ calling you down here to say before this whole escapade started, I thought of something to use in the next DH:R.

Declan: Really? What?

Cameron: *whispers in Declan's ear*

Declan: What, you didn't think I'd give away the plot of the next DH:R did you?

Cameron: *rereads the story* Well that was a strange piece of writing. Bye!

What will happen next week? What utter insanity will happen in my head? Read the update that I might (if I get at least two reviews, anyway) make!

EDIT: Or not. This was crappy, so I discontinued it. Different take on the general "Pythonesque utter insanity humor" genre coming soon.