© Copyright 2003 - Recherché Inamorato Productions

Two white lines once parallel twist and curve in distortion
Follow the trail and they fade into obscurity, being introduced to bronze skin
Above is dark and below is light as now the scratches become more evident
Even the window panes are off balance, tunneling from distortion
Sections come alive jumping out at you, and there is only half of the frame
More is on the other side if you move to the left...
Holes were perfectly bored as early morning voices invade the ears
Blood is smeared and there are rain speckles forming a perfect square in distortion
Jingles of the collar echo down empty halls of the asylum as we all try -
To escape this distorted vision of life we made
Frosty pink lips and teal undergarments wind around the wall of the cave
Trenchcoat is just as distorted as my sight in pitch black
The comfort of pillows smells hauntingly familiar...
And I remember the distortion.