Chapter One

I run. I run. I keep on running. My wings have been cut off by that horrible creature. I'll never be able to make it to the portal. My feet are aching. For how long have I been going like this? I'm scared to look back. Scared to see that creature getting nearer and nearer. I feel it. I feel it's behind me. But how far is it from me, I don't know. My senses are all confused. The corridor of this palace seems endless. I have to get to through the door at the end and open up the portal to go back home. Why is this happening to me? A roar. The creature, it's still behind me. It's getting closer and closer. The door! I can see the door at the end of the corridor! In just a few seconds I'll be in front of it. Just a little bit more effort and I'll be safe back home. I come to a halt, very hardly I might add before the door. It's a huge wooden door of about 5 metres high and 7 or so metres wide. I grab the handles... they won't open. It's locked! Oh no! The creature will be here very soon. With fear and scare in my heart, I push the door open with all my force. The lock is broken and the door falls down. The Gate is before me. I have to enter the co-ordinates of my home.


I turn around, the creature is a few metres behind me. It's coming real fast. I enter the co-ordinates and the Portal opens. Without losing any more second, I ran to it and jump. The Portal close behind me. I'm safe. I'll be at home in just a few moments. I'll take a long rest and let the ache flow out of my body. I don't know how much time passed since I jumped in the portal but suddenly I feel strange. I open my eyes slowly and with some pain. Concrete. I'm lying on concrete. CONCRETE??? I wake up instantly. I was lying on my back, so I sit straight up and look around. There're houses... People walking around... A few cars parked here and there... WHERE AM I? I stand up and stumble a little. After a trip through the portal, that's quite normal. I look at myself, I'm still wearing my white robe and golden sandals. My golden wrist bands are still there and my black necklace cord is still there. I walk around a bit to see where I landed. I must have done a mistake while entering the co-ordinates. I was in such a hurry. That creature... it was going to get me. I'm in front of a window pane. It's a shop, I think. I have the body of a 14 year old boy. My hair is of the golden colour and my eyes are of the purest blue. I'm still myself, then. I realize where I am. And that doesn't sound good. That doesn't sound good at all.

I'm in the Human dimension.

I've been walking for a few minutes now. I wonder how am I going to do to get back home. I heard that some guys did come to this dimension but they never said how they got out of here. But at least I know there's a way to open a portal here. Now, there's one question to be asked; where? Where is the Gate found? Let's see, logically it should be in a place where there's a lot of energy. For the portal to open, there's a lot of energy required. And what else? Oh yes, as I landed in this area, the Gate shouldn't be far off. If there's a Gate that is. I hope these guys didn't create their own portals to get in and out of here. At least, there's no more creature. That thing... is scary. I thought I was lost for sure.

"Hey you," says a voice behind me. I've been wrapped so much in my thoughts that I didn't realize that I'm still walking. Therefore I stop and I turn around. There's a group of three guys in front of me. All in their middle twenties or something. And looking very dirty considering their clothes. "What an interesting outfit you wearing!" The guy who says this is about my height and size, well he's slightly bigger and taller than me. There's a strange vibe coming from his voice and the way they are all looking at me is pretty strange too. "What a little boy like you is doing wandering around on the streets at such a time of the night?" He says in a way that I don't really like. I didn't realize we were in the dead of the night.

"I'm lost, actually," I reply with honesty. Maybe they can help me out. "I'm looking for the Gate, you know where it is?" I ask to the guy who seems to be the leader of the three. "I need it to go back home," I add. I hope they know where it is. And I hope it's not far off. I can run fast, that's not a problem but it's just that I'm a little bit tired.

"You're lost, huh?" The leader says with a smile. "Aw, poor thing. Let's see, you're looking for the Gate, eh?" He says as he exchange looks with his two friends. "Yeah, I think I know what you're talking about." He looks at me as his friends start smiling too. Even though I feel a strange vibe coming from them, I can't help but be glad that they know where's the Gate.

"Really?" I ask back with a smile of hope on my face. "Can you tell me where it is?"

"Much better, little boy," replies the leader. "We can take you there. What do you say?"

I stare at him for a moment. There's something... a feeling which tells me that I shouldn't trust them but how can I not? I mean, why would they lie to me? If they don't know where's the Gate, they wouldn't pretend to, right? And I really need to go back home. I'm scared. I need to tell them about the creature. "All right," I answer with a weak voice. I realize suddenly that I didn't introduce myself to them. "Oh, by the way, my name's Yeliel. What are your names?"

"Yeliel? That's a very... unique kind of name," says the leader with a smile. "I'm, uh, Fred. Yeah, Fred. And this is... Paul and this guy right here is... Jeffrey." The two other guys nod with a smile. Why do I have this weird feeling about them? It's beginning to bother me. "Now, come with us," says Fred while gesturing me to follow him, "We'll take you to the Gate."

I glance at them and then I agree to go. We walk to a van. A white one. Jeffrey, a dark skinned man, asks me to climb in from behind. I go in and Jeffrey along with Paul come in as well. They close the door. It's a bit dark in here. Then there's a light which is turned on. It enlightens the place a bit. I hear the engine start and the van is now moving. In just a little while, I'll be going through the portal and I'll be back home. Even though I should feel relieved, there's something which is bothering me. It's that feeling. That feeling which tells me that there's an unease in the air. I look at the two men who are sitting in front of me, near the doors. They look different from earlier on. They are still smiling but it's a different smile. And maybe I'm wrong but I've the impression Paul's mouth is watering. I can see some drool coming out of his slightly trembling lips.

"Is there something wrong?" I ask, looking at Paul in the eyes. I hope he's not sick or anything.

Jeffrey looks at me and his smile somehow widens a bit. "I think he's getting really hungry," he says.

"Didn't he eat something for dinner?" I ask, a bit concerned. My mom always tell me that I should never skip any breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eating is something very important. It gives energy and makes you strong for the day. "You should never skip dinner," I say with a little smile.

"That's very clever," Jeffrey says. He exchanges a little glance with Paul.

"My mom tells me that," I reply. I can't wait to see my mom again. I miss her.

"Really, eh? How... sweet!" Jeffrey smiles. "You know, you look like an angel dressed up like that." His eyes goes from my face to my feet. I'm wearing my usual clothes, that is, a white t-shirt made of a silk like tissue with the edges laced, a white long short made of the same tissue and with the edges laced as well, golden sandals with straps which go up slightly above my ankles, small golden wristbands and a black cord necklace. "The blond hair... the creamy white skin... these eyes..."

"Uh... thank you. I guess," I reply. I don't really understand why he said that. I hope the Gate isn't far off. The van has been moving for quite a while now.

The van stops moving. Paul and Jeffrey both take in a deep breath, like if they have been waiting long for something. Are they happy as well that I'm going back home? I wonder. The door opens and Fred comes in. He whispers something to Jeffrey who glances at me and then climbs down the van. Fred closes the door and locks it. And both he and Paul are now staring at me in a way that I'm not liking at all.

"What's going on?" I ask, a bit confused by Fred's action. "Why did you lock the door? Aren't we climbing down as well?"

"Ssh! Don't scream and everything will be okay," Paul says, slightly above a whisper.

"Why would I scream?" I demand. I notice Paul slowly pulling himself towards me. "Where's the Gate? You told me you were bringing me to it, where is it?" I ask with some tension in my voice. Paul breaks a laugh. One that I strangely find annoying.

"I lied." Fred breaks a laugh as well. And his... it's completely disgusting.

Paul suddenly puts his hand on my crotch and starts rubbing it while giving my cheek a long lick with his tongue. They lied to me. Why? I just asked them if they knew where the Gate was. Why did they lie to me like that? And why is that man doing these things to me? These disgusting and filfthy things! What a repulsive race! Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting!!! My eyes turn to complete darkness as I awaken my Aura. I grab Paul's hand in mine and crush it to pieces. He let out a piercing scream as tears run on his cheeks. Fred's eyes widen and he falls back. I take Paul's head in my hands and make it spin. He dies. I turn my gaze on Fred who looks like he's completely terrified. He tries to say something but is unable to form words and make it come out. I punch him in the face, breaks his nose, making him fly through the door which flies even further in the air. I climb down and walk to Fred who's lying on his back. He's crying. Disgusting being! You deserve to die. I stomp on his chest once, breaking everything through. His eyes gets all red and a spurt of blood squirt out of his mouth. He dies. I turn around to see Jeffrey rushing to me with a metal pipe in his hand. He hits me in the face with it. My face turns with the hit but then I look back at him coldly. I didn't even feel the hit. He opens his eyes wide of utter surprise and shock. He hits me in the stomach now. Once, twice, thrice... nothing. I don't move. He loosens the grip and let the metal pipe fall out of his hand. He falls to his knees in front of me with tears running on his face. I grab him firmly by the throat cutting his respiration. He puts his hands on my arm and tries to move it away. He can't. He looks at me in the eyes and barely whispers, "I thought... urgh!... that...... that.... you were... an.... ARGH!... ang... angel..."

I look back at him in the eyes and say, "I'm an Angel."

He dies.


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