Chapter Six

We break in an empty house. I used my Aura to sense if there was anyone in the house before breaking in, of course. We do that so Guillaume can take a shower and maybe grab a few things for him to eat and all. I take some for myself too. Guillaume takes some money from a cookie jar. I ask him how did he know there was money in there, he just smiles back. He also adds that it's for the bus fares. It's true that to be able to do things in this dimension, you need money. The more you have, the better it is. In Albion, we also use that sort of thing. If you need something, you have to pay for it. But if you can't afford something, you can simply ask and sometimes your request is accepted. I remember asking my mom something very expensive once, she couldn't afford it but talked to the seller and fortunately for me, I got it. I was really happy that day.

After restoring our wealth and health, we walk out of the house and head to the bus stop. From there we take the bus back to the town. In the bus, my Aura sends me signals. Warning signals. This sounds bad. The creature might be already there. Guillaume notices the look of worry over my face and asks me if there's something wrong. I tell him about the warning signals. He seems alarmed as well. I suppose it's due to the fact that I told him that the creature is way much stronger than me. To Guillaume, I seem invincible, so, what's "stronger than me" is going to be like. I try not to think about it. I'll do my best to avoid a confrontation with the creature, specially if Guillaume is with me. I look at him and I feel worried. I don't want to put him in this kind of danger. He's such an adorable and innocent boy. But, deep inside, I'm wishing that we won't have to split up. I like being with him.

We climb down the bus. We're nearly in the end of the afternoon; it's 5.30pm. We spent a lot of time in that house. Guillaume wanted to watch the television and said that it would be better to wait until late before coming here. I sensed something else when he said that. I sensed fear coming from him. Was it because of the orphanage he was in? I wonder. We head to the place where I landed a few days ago. If there's a clue to be found, my Aura will let me know. There're some people on the spot. No one seems to be infected with the creature, good news. Let's hope it doesn't stop there. I walk around, trying to provoke something that will give my Aura a clue of what to do or something like that. Guillaume goes to sit on a bench after a while. He looks at me from there, but he seems worried. From time to time, I see him glancing around, he's on his guards. I wonder why.

After a few moments, I close my eyes. I feel that my Aura wants to tell me something. I focus and breathe softly. Feelings start to invade my mind and heart. Fear at first. My Aura warns me of an imminent danger. I ask him if he knows where I should go. I don't talk to him, it's just by feelings. He tells me that I should follow my instinct. He will guide me through it. I thank him. Again, he sends me another warning. The danger is getting closer and closer. My Aura is really alarmed. I reassure him by promising that I won't expose myself to uneccesary dangers. I'm just going to find the Gate and head back to Albion to warn them about the creature. He sends a relaxing and comforting feeling through my veins and soul. I feel much better. I open my eyes with a sigh of relief. I know what I've to do now. I have to follow my instincts, my Aura is going to guide me through them. I turn to smile at Guillaume but... He's not sitting on the bench. I look around; he's nowhere in sight. I glance at my watch, I wasn't away for long, just a couple of minutes. I walk to the bench and look around. There is no sign of him. Suddenly, I feel someone behind me. I turn around quickly and face what seems to be an old tramp. He's innofensive. He seems scared. He's hungry. I feel so sorry for him. I take out a piece of chocolate from my pocket and hands it to him. He smiles back weakly but warmly. Hmm... Maybe he knows where's Guillaume.

- Yeliel: "Excuse me, did you see a boy sitting here a few moments ago?"

- Old tramp: "Yeah, I saw him. He's your friend?"

- Yeliel: "Yes. Do you know where he went?"

- Old tramp: "I think your friend is in trouble."

- Yeliel: "What?! Why do you say that?" I ask with concern.

- Old tramp: "Two older guys approached him and took him away. He didn't seem keen to go with them."

- Yeliel: "Do you know where they went?" I ask feeling anger rising inside of me.

- Old tramp: "I-I'm sorry... I just saw them taking your friend away..."

- Yeliel: "I see. Can you tell me what those guys looked like?" My fists are clenched tightly.

- Old tramp: "I don't remember clearly... I think one of them had a red jacket and a black cap..." He replies with hesitation.

The old tramp then walks away quickly. I look around once again to see if Guillaume is around. No sign of him. I wonder if it's the creature's doing. No, I don't think so. My Aura would have warned me of its presence. Who are those guys then? Hmm... Guillaume seemed worried. It was like if he knew something like that might happen. Maybe it has something to do with the place he was before meeting me. Is he going to be punished? What are those people capable of? I suddenly recall Fred and his friends. I feel the disgust and the rage of that night. I hope Guillaume is not with people like that. I have to find him, I have to save him. I'm sure he's waiting for me. He knows I'm strong, he knows I'll be coming to his rescue shortly. Why didn't he scream or yell? Maybe he did... But I didn't hear. No time to waste in remorses... I have to find him. I feel my Aura is eager to help me. I have to follow his advice and trust my instincts. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I focus and let my instincts whisper ideas and thoughts in my mind as I start walking. I turn to the right. I stop at a crossroads. Then I walk straight to the supermarket. I focus again and then I walk to the right. There's a fork, I take a deep breath and take the left route. After an hour or so, I arrive in front of a building. It looks like an old one. It's not a huge building, it's more like a medium sized house. There're 3 floors. There's a big brown mettalic gate which serves as entrance to the yard and there's a huge old wooden door which serves as entrance to the house. I can hear some children's voices. They're playing in the yard. The sun has already set. Then I see him... A guy of about 18 years old, wearing a red jacket and a black cap, enter the yard and heading to the house entrance. Guillaume is here. I can even feel it...

I could go in and take him away from there with my Aura but there're innocent people in there. Innocent childs. Therefore, I should try to see if there's not another way to get him out. I walk to the entrance and open the metallic gate. The few kids that are playing in the yard turn to look at me. I notice an adult sitting under a tree. It's an old woman. She gets up and approaches me. She asks me, with a smile, if I'm lost. I reply that I came here to see a friend. She replies that I should see the Director for the permission to see Guillaume. I head in the house and ask the person in the hall where is the Director. The little boy says that his office is the room at the back. There's a door at the end of the hall. I go to it and knock. I hear a man's voice asking me to come in. The Director, Mr. Cerrada, is a middle aged man with black hair. He looks severe and at the same time, I didn't like his face at all. My Aura most probably. He welcomes me with a little polite smile. I sit down.

- Yeliel: "I'm here to see my friend." I say. I don't want to waste time. I'm in a hurry. I have to find the Gate before the creature does. Even though I should be looking for the Gate, I can't without Guillaume. I like him. And he believes in me. I promised I would take him with me.

- Mr. Cerrada: "That's a fair request. What's the name of your friend?" He asks back. I really don't like this guy's face.

- Yeliel: "His name's Guillaume. I believe he was brought back in here today." I answer. My voice is getting colder.

- Mr. Cerrada: "Oh, yes. He ran away a few days ago, we managed to bring him back." He explains. "So, Guillaume is your friend, eh?" He smiles.

- Yeliel: "Yes, he is. I came here to take him with me." I lock eyes with the Director.

The middle aged man breaks a little laugh.

- Mr. Cerrada: "Really? Well, unless you have parents who are willing to adopt him, I'm afraid Guillaume isn't going anywhere. Besides, he is going to be watched carefully. There's not a chance that he's going to run away again." His voice irritates me. The more I hear him talk, the more I want him to shut up.

- Yeliel: "I don't want to hurt anyone." I say, almost above a whisper.

- Mr. Cerrada: "I'm glad to hear it. But concerning your request, I'm afraid I'm going to say no. Guillaume has been locked up in the room upstairs specially made for boys like him. He isn't coming out of it before a little while. He caused us a lot of trouble and he has to understand that he can't mess around like that. Come back in a week or two." He says with a very little smile.

- Yeliel: "I'm afraid I can't do that. I'm taking him away, now."

- Mr. Cerrada: "Listen, young man..." He starts but then realizes something. "Do you have parents?" He asks.

- Yeliel: "Yes, I do." I reply. Why such a question?

- Mr. Cerrada: "And where are they?"

- Yeliel: "At home, most probably. I don't have time to..."

- Mr. Cerrada: "I'm sure you're lying. You're probably an orphan as well. I bet you live on the streets and steal things from people. Fortunately, I have some free space here. I'm sure you'll fit in." He presses a button on a machine which looks like a telephone. "And you'll be able to talk to Guillaume in a week or two." Two guys enter the office. One of them is the guy the old tramp described. "Take him to one of the special rooms. Find out who he is. I'm going to call the social services." He picks up the phone.

All right. Enough is enough.

- Yeliel: "I warned you. I'm sorry for those who're going to stop me from getting Guillaume."

- Roscoe: "Shut up!" He's the guy with the red jacket and the black cap. "You're in serious trouble, so shut the fuck up."

- Yeliel: "No, you're the ones who're in serious trouble."


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