Cry me bitter tears
Tears like the ones I've shed
So many tears I've shed for you
Yet I still can't get through
Through all your stubbornness
Self-contentment won't keep you safe
Not from the other things you feel
You deny the things you feel
Deny them the right to be felt
The only things you seem to know in life
Are things you don't really need?
Anger pain and loneliness
Your heart needs to be freed
I want it for you
And yes I want it for me
I want so we can truly be together
Without this pain lingering above us
You act as if its not there
Like you haven't a single care
Not in this world
As long as I'm your girl
I don't know how much more I can take
Before my heart decides to break
So cry me a river of love
Set your prisoner free
Bring your loving heart here to me