Title: The Last Conquistador

Rating: R

This story deals with many sensitive issue, the predominant being fear and bigotry. I was recently moved by conversation I had with the fantastic Ariadne Ethereal (authored: 266197) and by reading parts of her ensuing work, The Swamp. The result of this is that sometimes we need to work with things that may not be as happy.

I have shied away from writing about homophobia and heterosexism in writing, because I don't believe those issues ever come alone in society, because I see other bigotry accompanying them everywhere I go. I also for a long time had no clue how to write this story. But I've got a better idea now.

This story contains: homophobia, heterophobia, heterosexism, homosexism, biphobia, transphobia, religious intolerance, classism, thinkism, xenophobia, gender-sensitive issues, homosexuality, heterosexuality, sexual situations, love, jingoism, patriotism, extremism, violence, hate crimes, hateful language, casual drug use, Catholicism, Atheism, Protestantism, Paganism, Judaism, consumption of alcohol and tobacco cigarettes, Spirituality, ageism, sexism, politics at its finest, and most of all, humanity.

So here's my best attempt at writing something that speaks to these things.

This story is for Rose and for Aly, both who opened my eyes to these things in their own ways, and for all of us who have given to see the world through different eyes. Thank you.

Peace on Earth,