A/N: ok you need some b/r to get this poem.. my best friend since 1st
grade, steph, has had a lot of issues lately with drugs & cutting herself &
suicide attempts & bulimia. I hadn't heard from her in months and I was so
afraid she had killed herself. she hadn't been online nor answered her
phone.. I saw her online last weekend & she is in a residential and wants
to see me as soon as she can.. I'm hoping she'll finally get on the right
track. because she's a great person.. anyway so this is about talking to
her last weekend. enjoy!

When I heard from you the other day
I didn't know what to say
The sound of your voice
Made me want to cry from rejoice
I think of all the nights I cried
Praying to God you hadn't died
And still I can't believe you're alive

Now you're finally getting the help you need
And hopefully you will succeed
Start anew
With a healthier you
But no matter what I'll be you're friend
Until the very end
And if you fall, I'll help you up time and time again