A/N: i just thoght of this story when i walking down to the living room ^^;; and i thought i'll make a manga but i'll just type it 1st! XD hehe. I watched Evangelion at mai friend's house so i just used to the name Rei...not her.... ^^;;

The 1st "friend"

I thought I would never make friends...... I didn't like anyone. I can't be anywhere.... Everyone hated me.... They didn't care what would happen to me. Maybe if I die....they would laugh.....

One day, one kid changed my entire life....and I thought he was some kind of a weird guy, but he makes me comfortable and he actually doesn't hate me. He was probably the best kid I could of known but I'll just tell you the story from the beginning....

".....7:00....." Rei said as she got out of bed. She walked to her kitchen and made herself a breakfast and saw a note saying, "I'll probably be back by 9:00. The dinner's in the fridge so just warm it up, k? -mom-"

".......Parents like these never care about their child.... They should just get married to their work...." she said. She was so used to it that she doesn't even care anymore. She would think that she might not even have any parents.

Rei walked to her school as usual and remembered that a new kid would come to her hime room today. She didn't have any interest in it though.

She never felt any pain anymore. She felt like she can die but the same words kept comming to her, "What would happen to everything when I die?" She thought no one will realize it but again she thought, "What if someone actually does care...". She never wanted to hurt anyone.

~in class~

The teacher welcomed the new student, "This is Fubuki Sendo. Let's treat him nicely."

Fubuki looked around at eveyone in the class and said, "Can I sit next to the girl over there with the long silver hair?" [hehe...silver hair rules!!! XD]

"....what?" Rei thought she was in another world. There was no one that wanted to go near here and Fubuki actually wanted to sit next to her with his own will. Maybe if he gets to know her, he'll dislike me.... she thought.

Fubuki walked to the corner and sat on the chair next to Rei's.

"why?" "Why what?" "why did you sit next to me? There are other seats opened for you. The teacher wanted to put you by the kid in thr front. You didn't have to bother walking all the way here." Rei said. "I don't know... I guess I felt like walking" He answered stupidly. "....." Rei just stared at her text book like her mind was on the work but she was full of questions. Even if he did answer, it just didn't seem right. Maybe he had another reason....but what?

I thought it'll be easier for evryone if it's shorter so I'll try to make each ep. short. ^^; Tell me if this a good story so far...