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The 1st freind

"It was so fun today!" Rei yelled outloud when she came back home. "I didn't know laughing came be this fun...." Rei said to her self and smiled. It became a hobby for her to look at the poster now. She would always smile looking at it.

~at school~

"um... Fubuki san.... thank you." Rei said and bowed down a little. Everyone froze in silence and stared at them. "ummmm... Rei san, is there something wrong with you?" a girl with a pony tail spoke up rudely. "no." she shook her head. "Fubuki's a nice friend" she said with a smile and everyone gasped. They whispered to each other, "that girl is his friend??" "Ho won't even talk to me" "That's not fair" Rei blinked and sat down. "what did I do wrong? Am i not supposed to have any friends?" Rei thought angrily.


"hey, rei" Fubuki called. "yes?" Rei said, excitedly "well.... about that friend thing.... thanks. Everyone will just use me and stuff and I kinda felt... special...oh and my mom made you lunch.... if you want...some" Rei nodded. "Thank you" Fubuki and Rei sat down and started eating. "this is so good. I never ate anything so good..." "Doesn't your mom cook?" Fubuki asked. Rei shook her head. "She's always at work and I don't bother making any lunch" "My mom can make you lunch then" "no.... that's okay.... I'm not that hungry and I don't want your mother taking her time" "are you sure?" Rei nodded. "Can i come over today?" Rei got a little excitedly.

The other girl got jealous and stood up to her. "Hey, little girl! Stop taking him away from us. Just because you don't have any other friends doesn'y mean that you have to take him over. Maybe he wants to be with other people." She started yelling. "well...actually no." She flushed [right word??] and screamed, "she doesn't have to get the popular guy away from us!" "so... what if I don't like any of you.... what if I like Rei?" Rei blushed, "what...?" She thought, "I ...never thought of him that way...." Everyone gasped again. "so you guys are going out now?!" a guy yelled out. Fubuki didn't seem to care at all and smiled at Rei. Rei didn't know how to react.

~after school~

"Fubuki san, um..." "just call me Fubuki." "um.... yes.... Fubuki, c-can I come over?" She said quietly. "yea" Fubuki said. "What a nice day. it's so sunny and war....." Then rain started falling all of the sudden.

".........um... I got an umbrella...." Fubu said nervously. Rei started laughing. "me too." "oops!" "huh?" "I forgot my umbrella.... " "you can borrow mine" Rei said and handed him the umbrella. "We can both use it" Fubu suggested. "o...okay...." Rei blushed a little.