"Cameron, you've got to stop moping around! Just because Hanna dumped you doesn't mean you have an excuse not to work with your horse!"

Cameron looked up from where his head had been resting on his knees and glared at his mother.

"Leave me alone," he said, his brown eyes flashing angrily, "I don't want to talk to anyone."

Dinah, his mother, rolled her eyes. He needed to work with his horse if he was going to rodeo this summer. If he would just stop moping! Cameron was good-looking, with short dark hair and dark eyes. He was tall also, and she had seen many girls with their eyes on him. If only. . .That was it!

"Cameron, why don't you get a new girlfriend?"

"Who'd go out with me?"

"What about those girls you rodeo with? Kendra, Rachel, and Dawne?"

That was a thought. They were all pretty, talented and smart. Maybe he ought to give it a go.

"Why don't you ask them all to come and stay for a month with you, like those dating games you see on TV? Then you can pick the one you like best and date her!"

"Sure, why not." Anything to get her off him. And it did sound rather interesting. Maybe it'd be fun.

"Great! Now get out and work with your horse!"