Morning glory, rising high, staining the night with sun-bliss cries
Hear the awning twilight sigh, in desperation of lost beauty
Perspiration of fresh dew, blanketing the ground
Overlaying my soul, tying me with the heavenly floods
Silent tongue, which this day has bound
Overwhelmed by such a natural thing, enlightened by the rising tides
Realizing now, these are all the ties that bind
My mind, my ways, all trying to come back to this morning day
Seeing the entire life of life thru out, exist this way
A dream it must be...
For these eyes are merely tools to translate this scene....
Into something, which is more than sight could ever allow....
Even the pits of hell cower
In such pure enticement and awe
Cause life is life and is without flaw...
A blemish is merely a well-placed extra, which will guide us to better