Death In A Bag

Includes a long book,
Of a million ways to die,
How to give into hate,
How to believe the lies.
Includes a hand gun,
A loner kid at school,
A bloody reputation,
Kids who don't think he's cool.
Includes a joint to smoke,
And three more for your friends,
Made of coke and mary j.,
Waiting for your life to end.
Includes a bottle of vodka,
A car with keys in it,
A dead innocent child,
And a deep roadside ditch.
Includes a shiny knife,
A polished pocket blade,
A murder at a party,
That has no one to blame.
Includes a box of matches,
And a can of gasoline,
An angry homeless man,
Whose always felt unseen.
Death in a bag,
Includes all these things,
But most of all,
It includes,