AN: This is somehow long but quite simple…don't flame it's nothing of a poem and it's not supposed to be, I was just thinking something and decided to put it in a poem, how I can use all five senses at once, for something really silly…  And in between, I put the thoughts I had :D.

Sitting at my computer,

Dressed in comfy pajamas,

I know I should be sleeping,

But I just took a shower,

And my hair is still wet.

You'll catch a cold sitting like that!

Writing emails, sending IM's,

I don't want to go away,

Drying my hair,

I love the warm air,

Heating my scalp.

It's so hot, slow down Hera, I want to take my hat off!

I can smell the perfume,

Of French shampoo,

Mingled with hot air,

I inhale; it's such a sweet fragrance,

Of lemon and some exotic fruit.

I love mangoes, papaya, and all exotic fruit!

L'Oreal, I think laughing,

As my sub-conscious sends me a picture,

Of that annoying commercial,

My friends and I find so funny.

Of hair swishing and silly slogans.

Car je suis belle!.

The nape of my neck wet,

Drying it, hot and cold clash together,

Such a funny feeling,

I smile, it's getting too hot,

Switch off the dryer, brush my hair, then start it again.

I never dry my hair! Too lazy…

My head's too hot, so I take a sip,

Of orange juice, the taste of which,

Reminds me of something,

It's linked to something important,

But I cannot remember what.

He smells of oranges and winter nights….

While I write with one hand,

The hair-dryer in the other,

The music starts, Linkin Park,

As loud as it can go,

So I can hear it over the noise.

And never moving forward so there'd never be a past…

A tiny alert at the bottom of the screen,

I've got an e-mail, it's from a friend,

I read it then write back,

Nothing can distract me:

Neither noise, feeling nor smell.

Hey Mia! What's up? I miss you!

All five senses used at once,

For such a trivial thing

I feel the warm air, smell the shampoo,

See my friend's writing, hear the music,

Taste the refreshing flavor orange juice,

All this in one silly instant,

While I should be sleeping,

Without feeling a single thing.

But dreams, they are beautiful!