I danced with you

On the fingers of the rose-red dawn,

I walked with you

Along the ribbon of highway moonlight,

I watched with you

From the beginning of time,

And then I sat alone

For the rest of eternity.

At first we held hands,

Your fingers wrapped tightly around mine,

Then we held eyes,

Yours anxiously gripping my own,

Finally we held memories,

Tingling with the promise of love,

But in the end all we held

Were the shattered hopes of once upon a time.

You could say we shared love.

You could say we shared time.

But the one thing that's true,

The one thing we surely shared,

Was the chance to give the other up,

The chance to leave the other in the cold,

The chance to kiss someone into oblivion,

And close your eyes and turn your back when they came running back…

Times are better with someone

Things seem clearer with someone

Senses are heightened when you're with someone

And yet

With you…

There's nothing at all.

I'm simply with you

And yet alone all the same…

When the future has been predicted and seen

With you

Means nothing at all.