You're Lying…I can tell!

Betrayal is all I feel.

The pain is the real deal.

Stab me in the back.

Kindness is something you lack.

Plunge me into the painful abyss.

Tearing me away from my bliss.

Tell me words that I long to hear.

Tell the words that dismiss all my fear.

The description of your repentance.

Confessing all in just one sentence.

Tell me all, what you have done.

Tell me all from moon till sun.

Speak honest words to me.

Honesty that I can see.

Speak the truth and tell no lies.

Lies filled with attention cries.

I felt the pain and heard your voice.

I forgave you and made a choice.

I turned around to help you.

You turned your back to me.

I would help you, one of the few.

But you just couldn't see.

Past your selfishness and want,

All your flawlessness you'd flaunt.

Stabbed me again,

Third time in a row.

I used to be your friend.

Now you have to go.

Yes I'll miss you,

Yes I'll cry.

Yes I knew you,

But I can't stand your lie.