I am one of many talented people on this planet
I am Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
I am the one who can chase my nightmares away
I am the bright sunshine for someone today
I am knowledgeable to the world around me
I am not afraid of a difficult challenge
I am watched over by those wiser than me
I am watching over those weaker than I
I am a Christian by faith and actions
I am not one to be rendered helpless
I am dreaming of a white Christmas
I am sophisticated and educated
I am expected to do the best I can
I am a piece of unfinished clay
I am drawing a picture of life
I am a leader, not a follower
I am destined to live a life
I am a child in all my glory
I am deciding my own fate
I am eager to take a risk
I am unafraid of death
I am on top of my world
I am part of a family
I am who I wish to be
I am a human being
I am successful
I am a treasure
I am forgiven
I am a friend
I am flying
I am alive
I am wise
I am set
I am me.