Lying in Dreams

I'm dying piece by piece

There is no killer, no one sucking me dry

Just an angel from heaven that watches me cry

My heart is aching my breath is breaking

The whole world won't stop shaking

I feel so wrong for thinking what I did

Was everything I knew hidden?

I thought so many things were happening

Inside my dreams, soul, breath

Every part of me awakened to sing

However, love was not what it would bring

I dreamt of it, but dreams are not real

I'm lying here not knowing what to feel

Never again will I see the same

I'll never tremble at the mention of the name

For if I do, I will devour my own soul

My life would never be whole

I love you but I'm striving to know it's difference now

I run the question over and over "How?"

You can never change, I understand

You explain as you hold my hand

That those people will never be right

I'll just keep crying tonight

And forgive you for things you never meant to be

A new life I'll just have to see