This is my last goodbye
Tell me did you see it
The pain
It consumed by body
Each muscle from its bone
You know you've always been best at that
Drawing me to my feet
Only to shoot holes in my hopes again
Another one of your sick mind games
The ones you play without even noticing
That the funniest part
You're so oblivious
And all I can do is stare in wonderment
With so much desperation and torment
Swimming around my cold eyes
Tell me did you see it
The anguish
It took over my face
As I felt my heart take its plunge
For its very last time
I know that you didn't
And that, my love
Is why I must finally admit
This is my final goodbye
I can no longer cling
To my lifeless friends
Hope, who has always held my hand
Through every inch of my darkness
Love, the reason I live and die each day
And the sweetest sin
Craving, who keeps me
Continually persevering
Even when I've hit it
Rock bottom, with full force
A concussion seemed such a small price to pay
For your reassurance and ultimate acceptance
So as I say goodbye to you
I too bid them adieu
So this is what numb feels like.