The Night Is Young
The bright blue ether grays,
A succession of hue is seen,
Slowly, pink clouds drown,
Gray they became, surrounded by ebony.
The night is young, they say,
Come out and play!
Hither, thither, whither,
As far as eyes can see.
Time and time passed,
The pale moon rose,
Twilight, starlight, sparkles,
Twinkles as they dance.
Yes, I said, let us go,
To hither, to thither,
To whither one knows,
As far as the great dome abodes.
White light surrounds,
The ever glowing face,
Bringing light from unseen sun,
To earth, so dark, dismayed.
Children danced this night,
Playing under starlight,
Bathed beneath moonlight's glow,
As long as night grows old.
Clouds arrays the night sky gray,
Amongst the vault of ebony,
Little stars twinkles between,
Such splendour one sees.
Come, they cry, let us go,
The stars have tempt us so,
To capture, to seize, to lay hold upon,
As far as heaven allows us reach.
Empyrean grows heavy, leaden, dim,
Slowly, surely, stars recede,
Dark sky alights, blue becomes,
Sun's unseen light, appears.
Dawn is at hand, morning yearns to come,
Night has gone, and soon, disperse,
Moonlight must fade,
As days has come always to be.
Lurid dawn this morning brings,
Grey ether brightens blue,
Long gone are dimming lights,
Seen again, hue, successive.
Wait, they say, wait in tenacity,
Wait till daylight ends,
For night shall return once more,
When night is young again.
Author's Note:
I was writing it in the midst of my English exams.
This is an updated version: [14/12/2003]