Watch the crimson petals bloom
To mark the young men's silent tomb
To mark where all our loved ones lie
By human error called to die.
See where all the young men fell and paid
For the mistake the government made
Those who dragged on the struggle of power
To the eleventh day of the eleventh hour
So that now when the eleventh month starts
We wear the poppies on our hearts
And their petals remind us of the blood that stained
The land in that great time of pain.
So many families torn asunder
Now I look back and I wonder
Did so many men have to be killed?
Did innocent blood have to be spilled?
When two nations sought to divide the land
To hold all power within their hands
Did they stop to spare a thought
To the despair and sorrow they wrought?
Did it ever cross their minds
The grief that followed to span through time
Of all the generations yet to come
Who would remember all that was done
But now the flowers fill the field
To mark how the soldier's fates were sealed
Crimson blooms on blood-stained earth
To remind us of humans at their worst.
"A war to end all wars" the dream was lost
Lives and dreams lost to dust.
So that now all we can do is remember and pray
On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day.