I want to write my past, my present and most of all my future.
I want to know everything there is to know about knowledge.
I want to feel love before it's too late to feel nothing,
I want to live before there's no life worth living,
I want to be the best friend possible, before I loose you forever.
I want to learn to forgive the forgivable,
And to be brave when I need to be brave,
I want to make you happy, and I hope I already have,
I want to know why I was chosen to live and not some one else,
I want to know why death is considered evil, and why life is the goodness,
I want to know what's so good about me that I was given a heart a brain and
a soul,
I want to learn how to teach what you're not taught in school,
I want to teach how not to be racist to another person the same as you,
I want to want,
I need to need,
I want to make a life for myself, not to be pushed into it,
I want to stand up for what I believe in, and know its right,
I need to be loved without the fear,
I need to be held without the struggle,
I need to stop living in fantasy, and love reality,
I need to trust once and forever, and know they won't let me down,
I must live,
I must love,
I must brush away the tears which keep me imprisoned,
I must know I'm worth the sun, the moon and the stars,
I must know I'm loved, and you must know I love you back.
By Siobhan
Date: 11/November/2003
(to the descendants of Ned Kelly)