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Summary: You're an average teenage boy, spending your days like an average teenage boy would. You do chores, you hang with your friends, and go on dates with your wonderful girlfriend. You don't believe in superstition, destiny, fate, and all of that other mythological "crap." Simply, you take everything in your life for granted.

Now, imagine that one day a mysterious figure appears before you, telling you some nonsense about how you are the key to the fate of the world, and it's destiny lies in the palm of your hands. Suddenly, a light bathes everything around you, and your mind slowly falls into a state of unconsciousness. When you reawaken, nothing is the same. In fact, it's seven years later, and you come to find out that your town was destroyed and no longer does it exist. You remember nothing about your past, only your name and age. And now, your soul purpose for living is to solve these mysteries and unanswered questions. This isn't fake, or just a mere writing for your imagination. It happened to Chrono, an average teenage boy who's life turned around in less than minutes. This is his story:


It is believed to have started all but seven years ago, when the life of a normal and simple teenage boy turned around entirely. The fate of the human race took a drastic turn as the soul of this boy was referred to as the 'key' to our futures, the key to unlock all of the hidden doors and aspects life had to offer. The existence of this boy could mean the difference between a world that flourishes and thrives with eternal life, or a misfortunate land hurled into the chaotic depths of hell.

Little did the people know or come to realize just how important this boy would prove to be, and how much they depended on him. Who would even consider that a simple, average teenage boy is responsible for the world's destiny, is having the fate of thousands placed into the palms of his hands? No one in this life time seemed to think so, not even the night everything changed.

"I have finally found thee, though I know not thy name.

Thus, as the hands of time embrace, they have chosen thee as thy key.

A single ray of hope shall guide thy path, as thee memory fades from mind.

Thus, forever from this day, a frozen portal shall it remain."

These simple words whispered from the gentle lips of what seemed to be a fairy of the heaven's turned everything around. Her serenity and grace appeared to have captured the poor boy's mind before he could escape. The next thing he knew, those trancing words spilled from her lips, causing everything inside of him to suddenly open and spread wings. And then, the light. The earth was bathed in heavenly light, showering each living being and creature, every material item and possession, with it's radiant beauty.

Though it was beyond his comprehension, time seemed to come to a halt. As the silverish streaks captivated his mind, the hands of time gradually embraced the small town of Taota, slowly moving its way around Japan, and eventually, throughout the world.

Whilst the hands of time grasped and encompassed the world's fate, the boy's mind drifted away into unconsciousness. Slowly, whispers of blackness combed through his vision, gradually becoming larger and more everlasting. Before long, the coldness and dark had ceased his mind and soul, casting his almost empty body to the ground in a heap of human flesh. His rag-like clothes remained but barely on his skin, only enough to conceal his essential features.

Did this innocent boy know that his whole life would change the moment he laid curious eyes upon that trancing light? No, of course not. Whether he noticed the light or not, because it was his fate is the object that drew him forth, nothing else. His destiny of becoming this 'key' that maiden had referred to was the priority at hand. But the question is, when the boy wakes up, will he remember?


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