Dear audience:

Hey there! ^^; Heh, I know you're probably really ticked that I haven't updated in so long, but I was hit with major writer's block... and unfortunately I have been unable to come up with any good chapters for most of my stories.

Just recently, I was introduced to some new anime: Fushigi Yuugi and Gravitation. And because I have become so into the story lines of these to WONDERFUL series, my mind can't come up with anything to put into my stories... not to mention juggling life and many problems that have risen along with the whole ordeal... it's not easy getting time to write, or think about them.

However, I know that within these two weeks of Christmas break, I will get up at least one chapter to every story, if not more. I promise to try my very best, and I will do everything I can.

I hope you understand what I am saying, and I am truly sorry for taking so long. Well, I guess I will see you all when I get the chance to put up another chapter... and when this damn writer's block leaves my system!!!! . Thank goodness it doesn't affect my artist skills... but that's another story. ^^ Until next time, ja ne! ^~


P.S. Speaking of artist skills... if you are reading this Ravage, I finished the picture of Maru! ^^ I decided to do him first... then I'll go with Sasha, and then both of them. I'll send it to you, and I hope ya like him! ^^