I'm dedicating this one to a very special friend of mine. This one's for you, "meop".

You tell me you don't like to see me hurting
But you can't do anything
To make the pain stop
Except stop being my friend
And I don't want that to happen
No matter how much you hurt me
I don't want to lose your friendship
The good times outweigh the bad
The great memories are worth remembering
And the bad ones don't deserve to be
All the times you've hurt me
Those are the bad memories
That I want to forget
And the times you've been there for me
When everyone else wasn't
Those are the times I will treasure forever
I pray our friendship will never end
And if it does, let it end simply
Because we're going different ways
And not because one of us has hurt the other
And forgiveness cannot or will not be given
Because true friendship is too precious a gift
To throw away over a disagreement
So let's take life a day at a time
And treasure every moment we have together