The world may continue to move in the same circle around the sun, just like
the last billions of years.
But we as people, don't understand what we're here for,
Why we're here, or how long we've been here.
The only answer to that is:
"We are here to find ourselves, to make an adventure out of life, to live
life to the full, to experience what animals cannot, to die where we cannot
live, everyone has their own meaning of life."
Whether it is to be a rich person, known by everyone, but to be so lonely,
that that was diagnosed as their death.
Whether it is to live to a very great age, but forget everything which
would keep us alive,
Happiness, memories, love...
...even there their life may falter,
It shall then backtrack and to find a new meaning to the situation,
Only then you will discover your meaning of life...
And only then shall you become yourself,
Who you are, what you are, a human being,
Deadly, yet loving, hurtful, yet a cure,
God would of not chosen us to be on this Planet if there where no reason,
NO, he would have chosen a cleverer race.
But look, even while destroying our home which means destroying our
selves, we have still lived.
We are truly a race that shall not be forgotten - in books, and diaries.
We will become only memories of future people,
Then to be laid to rest,
Never to dream another fantasy,
Never to have another hope,
Never to live again.