By:Andrew Troy Keller

There once was a girl named Heather
Doubleday,whose pursuit of the all-mighty dollar
Has been causing everyone else nothing,but grief.
But that was before she had gone to get some relief
At Cuba,where she had found herself a newfound lover.

His name was Jonathan Morgan,
Who had came to Cuba to start life over again,
Due to the fact that he had lost the love of his life,
Jessica Morgan,his beloved wife
And he doesn't wish to fall in love again.

But that was before one Tuesday
Evening,when they had meet in the most unusual way
Inside a juice bar,
Which was not very far
From the Hotel Fararday.

After they had enjoyed a few drinks,
They both had gone to his hotel room to rethink
About what priorities were.
And then,after the romantic passions began to stir
Within them,they had realized that life no longer stinks.

Just ask Jonathan and Heather Doubleday-Morgan.