The sweetest boys are hard to find
They hide like leprechauns
To have my own, I would not mind
I'll search from dusk till dawn
It's simple grace they don't possess
To tell a girl, "No thanks"
We try to get them to confess
What they really want are skanks
No self-respecting girl can do
What she knows isn't good
To date this kind of worthless guy
Who makes her think she should.
A guy like this lacks a noble heart
And he makes fun of me
A guy like this is not so smart
He has a lot of STDs
I know a good guy must exist
Even though there are so few
So from now on I will persist
I'll pray in every church pew
One day I'll find my special guy
I know he's out there now
I wouldn't mind him bold or shy
I'll see him and say, "wow".