The Singer And The Songwriter

By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It was on Wednesday,November 12th,when an inspiring songwriter named Richie Simmons had came into Los Angeles,in order to pursue his life long dream of making it big in the music industry.

But after he had tried to apply for work at any of the major record labels and failing,poor Richie was thinking on just giving up and move back to Berea,Ohio.

But then,after he had suddenly realized that his father would be waiting for him to say,"I've told you so.",Richie had decided to looking for work in the music industry one more try.

And so,the very next day,he had entered the offices of the record label that produces the music of one of his favorite singers,Pink,in order to apply for a job.

But just as he was about to enter the head manager's office and ask him for a job,Richie had bumped into someone who was stepping out of the office and didn't see where she was going.

After he had kneeled down and helped the stranger pick up the stuff that she had accidently dropped,Richie had looked up and suddenly became surprised to had discovered that it was Pink who had bumped into him.

And then,after he had handed Pink her stuff and she had thanked him for giving her such help,Richie had looked at Pink and saw how beautiful she actually was.

"Look,I know that this may sound kind of awkward for me to ask.",said a blushing Richie."But,would you like to go out somewhere and have lunch with me?"

And after she had noticed that it was kind of cute of him asking her to have lunch with him,Pink had let out a smile and said,"Yes,I really would like that."

And after she had wrapped her arm around his,

both Pink and Richie had left the record label's building and walked down the street to a nearby Taco Bell,where they had each ordered a Chicken Feista Bowl and a large Pepsi.

And while they were both enjoying their lunch,Richie had suddenly felt something rubbing against his ankle.

And when he had looked down and saw that it was Pink's foot that was rubbing against his ankle,Richie had looked at a smiling Pink and let out a smile of his own,for they both had only one thing in their minds.

After they both had finished their lunch,Pink had invited Richie to go with her to her place,where they'll be able to work on their music together.

Sometime later,after they had walked into the house and Richie had noticed that it was as beautiful as the lady who lived in it,Pink had looked at the awestruck Richie and asked,"So,which room do you want to look at first?"

After he had heard that,Richie had walked over to Pink,wrapped his gentle arms around her and asked,"Why don't you tell me?"

And with that,both Pink and Richie had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips,before they both had walked upstairs to the master bedroom.

Then,after they had entered the bedroom and removed all of their clothes,they had placed their nude bodies on the bed and began to enjoy the most romantic and erotic moment of their lives.

Sometime later,after she had placed her head on Richie's chest and took a deep breath,Pink had told him about the artists who had influenced a young woman named Alecia Moore,who was born in Doylestown,PA(near Philadelphia)on September 8th,1979 to go into performing in the music industry and changing her name to Pink.

And even though she had a successful career going for her,there was only one thing that was still missing from her life--her one true love.

But that was before she had bumped into Richie,took one look at him and realized that she had indeed found that one true love.

And then,after they had given each other one more kiss on the lips,both Pink and Richie had fallen asleep in each other's naked arms.

A few days later,after having convinced her record label to hire him as their newest songwriter,both Pink and Richie had enjoyed a successful career together.

As a matter of fact,after she had compleated a New Year's Eve concert in New York City,Richie had asked Pink to be his wife.

And then,a few months later,everyone in the music business and attended the wedding of Richie and Alecia Moore-Simmons.

And they both had lived happily ever after for two reasons--Richie had finally found work as a songwriter in the music industry and Pink had finally found her one true love.

And so ends the story of the singer and the songwriter.