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Every stroke had to be perfect. Every colour blend, every contrast in the painting had to be just right or it just wouldn't be good enough, it wouldn't show enough...

"What are you doing?"

Sully started and spun around on his stool in surprise. "Kael! Fuck, don't do that!"

"Sorry," Kael lied, grinning. "But I was curious."

Sully gave him an unamused look and then sighed in defeat. "I was doing your birthday present..."

Kael grinned in delight. "Really? What is it supposed to be?"

"It was meant to be a surprise, but... well, you startled me, and it was rushed anyway."

"For shame, Sullivan," Kael scolded playfully, obviously in high good humor.

Sully regarded his boyfriend with dry amusement, unable to keep the smile off his face, and unwilling to try. "Is it my fault you only told me last night that it was your birthday?

Kael smirked and knelt down, letting his head rest on Sully's lap. "It doesn't matter. I love you. So long as I have you, I don't need a painting."

Sully's throat and chest constricted almost painfully at the trust and love in the tone. "Ditto," he whispered in reply, his heart pounding wildly, not sure if Kael had heard him, and without a particular wish that he had.

Kael smiled and sat up again, resting his hands on Sully's legs for balance as he looked up at the blonde. "I'm as old as you are now."

Sully smirked, thankful for the topic change and grateful to Kael for realizing he didn't want to talk about that. "Scary thought," he murmured teasingly instead. "The brat as a seventeen year old. I don't know whether to be amused or afraid."

"Hmph," Kael mumbled happily. "You know you love me."


There was a short pause as they stared at each other in surprise, neither one of them having expected that.

The pressure got tighter.

"I..." Sully started with a little difficulty.

"Sorry," Kael murmured, pain reflecting in his liquid chocolate eyes along with somewhat rueful sympathy. "I didn't mean to..."

Sully sighed and stood up, pulling Kael up and against him in a tight embrace, sighing into the raven hair. "What do you want, Kael? Honestly. Tell me truthfully."

The younger boy's arms came around the blonde's back, letting his fingers fist in Sully's shirt. "I want..."

Sully turned his head to kiss the soft skin of Kael's cheek. "Tell me," he coaxed. "Come on, Kael."

Kael sighed and turned his face into the older boy's neck, breathing in the scent deeply. It smelled... and -felt- more like home, than anywhere else he could remember. He smiled mistily, pressing a small kiss to the curve of Sully's throat. "It's all right. I have all I want right here."

Sully shook his head, finding it somewhat hard to talk past the sudden lump in his throat. How was it that the damn brat could make him want to cry just by talking to him in such a... loving voice? "The truth, Kael, remember?"

Kael sighed, sending tingling sensation down Sully's spine that he managed to ignore for the time being.

"I want you to love me."

"I do," Sully murmured, not entirely sure why Kael's arms suddenly felt trapping. "You know I... feel that way about you..."

"Why can't you say it though?" Kael lifted his head, pulling back enough so that he could look Sully in the eye. "Tell me you love me, Sully. That's all I want. That's all I'll -ever- want."

"I..." The words caught in Sully's throat, and he shook his head helplessly, but the expression in Kael's eyes drove him. He couldn't let something like his own fear get in the way of making the utterly lovable brat happy...


Kael's expression grew a little more hopeful. His hands were idly rubbing Sully's back; stroke up to his nape and down to his waist, then up again.

Sully drew in a deep, shaky breath. "Iloveyou."

Kael's face lit up. His hands stopped moving on the older boy's back and started playing with the blonde hair. "Say it again," he said softly. "Tell me you love me."

Sully rolled his eyes a little to hide his blush, and looked away, biting his lip. Oh well. If this was what Kael wanted... It wasn't actually a bad present, so far as gifts went...

He turned back to Kael, and slid his own hands round to hold the Kael's face steady, ducking down a bit so he could look Kael straight in the eye; praying it would be enough.

"I. Love. You." Sully said slowly, firmly, and was caught thoroughly unprepared when Kael hurriedly locked lips with him.

The blonde deepened the kiss, and Kael surrendered completely, blissfully euphoric that Sully had finally told him what they had both known all along...

It was the perfect birthday present.