Amelia smiled brightly at the sight of her best friend and soul mate, her amber eyes sparkling happily. Stepping further into the lounge, she approached her love and rested her hands gently on the shoulders of the other woman.
"Good morning, my love." She said softly, coming her fingers through the chestnut locks of the other woman.
The other turned, rewarding Amelia with a soft smile and a sweet kiss. "And indeed it is a good one, my darling. Have you plans for the day?"
Amelia's eyes twinkled with a happiness not often seen in her as she answered, "Only to spend the day with you, Julianna, and nothing more."
Julianna smiled brightly. "Then so it shall be, melamin. What shall we do? Perhaps a picnic at the lake? Then a late afternoon swim?" Julianna peered outside through the window, out to the lake that rested not far from their home, the surface of its clear waters shimmering under the sun's bright rays. "It has been a while since we have done so, and it is a short walk."
"That sounds lovely, darling! What shall we take? Oh, I must make sandwiches! And perhaps potato salad; I can make some sweet, iced tea to take along with us, and." Julianna could not help but be amused by the excited mood of the beloved as the younger woman rambled on.
Kissing her abruptly, Julianna effectively quieted Amelia. "You prepare the food darling, and I shall find the basket, blanket, and out swimming clothes." She smiled as Amelia nodded and, placing a quick kiss on Julianna's cheek, practically skipped to the kitchen to prepare their picnic. Julianna smiled after Amelia. Sometimes it amazed her how much love she could feel for the younger woman to whom her heart was forever devoted. Pleasant smile still illuminating her visage, Julianna set off to gather the other necessary materials for the afternoon's picnic.