Hear the hired mourners wail?
Hear the people weeping as the barge floats by?
See the king bound in yards of linen
Sailing to that far away land
Sailing to the sacred home of his Ka
The Pyramid that reaches for the sky.
See the mighty sphinx that will guard him?
Now see the memories buried in sand
Lost beneath the shifting desert
Lost in time
Lost to memory.
See the glory of Egypt fade to a glimmer
No more than a faint trace of that land remains
An entire culture, an entire world
Lost to sand as Atlantis to the waves.
Preserved to find immortality, the Pharaoh remains
The ages have not destroyed his body yet
And the soul and the memories remain
The pyramids and the sphinx
The temples and shrines
Built in stone lest we forget.
The ancient kingdom, lost to the world
Yet still here, for in our hearts
The glory of Egypt will live on forever
They've found the immortality that they sought.