Yes I am racist.
I'm racist of white and black people.
I'm racist of the purple people, who wear shower curtains as capes,
And blow bubbles thought the gap in their front teeth.
I'm racist of the blue people,
Who use toilet brushes as magic wands.
And who climb glass walls to see what's on the other side,
Then they get lost because they can't see their way back.
I'm racist of the yellow people,
Who watch the blank screen on the TV,
And who shove pizza into their ears for no particular reason.
I'm racist of the green people,
Who think that paper is snow,
And computers are sleds.
I'm racist of the orange people,
Who laugh when their sad and cry when their happy,
And have reunions when they just saw each other the other day.
I'm racist of the Pink people,
Who hide in holes and use their tongue to trip over passer-bys.
I'm racist of the Mauve people,
Who use fishing nets as windows.
I'm racist of the grey people,
Who can always find the corner in a circular room,
I'm racist of the Red people,
Who love listening to music while wearing earmuffs,
And I'm racist of the gold people,
Who rip cushions and wear them on their heads, and then do the Mexican hat
dance around a cup.
Yes, I am Racist.

By Siobhan
Date: 12/11/03