Strawberry .An observation.

Strawberry was high. It was obvious in the way her hips swayed in the wrong direction with each staggering step she took . Her strawberry blond hair hanging in tangled locks down her glistening gold back. She was on a trip alright , so far gone it'd probably be days before she came back down. And days was something we couldn't risk. Not out here on the roads. Between safe houses .No communities for miles. Only the straight life where a persons whole world existed in the smallest box they could find to cram it in. Right now the road was one gray serpent snaking its way into oblivion. We were on the out skirts of humanity waiting for something to happen.

That something came rumbling along kicking up dust towards mid afternoon. The sun beak down a somber note on our back as meditated or tried to. But the between the blistering patches of skin and the ever present bite of sand flies my Om was no where near centered. I felt so off balanced I could probably have slid off the box of essentials I sat on waiting . Strawberry lay spread eagle her golden body taking on the tune of something tarnished way beyond tan. This was a major burn but she wasn't feeling it. Wasn't feeling the hard jagged rocks on her back the sting of insects heat none of it existed where she was. A smile twitched at the corner of her lips and she rolled over throwing one half burned arm across her eyes.

I saw the train of yellowed dust coming fast from the horizon as if chasing the sun. Waited just long enough to wipe the dust from my face then shielding my eyes I stood stretching out one tired and withered arm. Thumb up. Waiting ,hoping pleading with the sun chaser to at least slow down so the dust wont coat me like gritty skin over deep fried chicken.

The rumble grew louder and somehow reached Strawberry where she lay. She rose majestically , a goddess born of the very earth. Dirt and dust and piss shit and all breathing slowly in the oppressive heat. Her burnt arm stretched out along side mine and before long we were flying along route 66 running down the sun

I sat up front with the driver , my type of person. Thin and wiry with a long tangled mane braided down the back of his dirty neck. His old VW van rattled along to the tune of rock and sand and all earth beneath his screaming tires.

Strawberry lay across a couch welded to the floor in the hollowed out back of the bus tapping out a tune so different from that made by the van it might have been coming from some alien signal broadcast in her head. She was high alright and as we careened down the highway towards Eternity I had the feeling that she would never come down.