Will You

Will you still love me,
If I didn't look good?
Nor if I didn't have this much money?

Will you be able to forgive me,
If I don't show up
On our first date?

Will you be able to understand
The things I'm going through,
And how tough they are?

Will you promise me
That you will love me
As long as you can?

Will you be honest
And be open
To me for everything?

Will you trust me,
And truly love me,
So that I don't have to get hurt again?

I know these sounds dumb,
But I just want to be sure,
Because I don't want to be hurt again.

I know how it feels
When a girl is cheating on me...
And I don't want that any more,
Not even once more.
That's why I asked those
Stupid Questions