A/N: my mom told me one day it was 6 years since my nana died & I wrote
this. its not one of my best, but I write best when I'm over the emotion..
or so I think. and im not over this. I guess I never will be


Some one reminded me today
It was 6 years ago today
That you died

I realized they were right
And I felt so guilty
For not knowing

I realized this was the first year
I hadn't mourned
For your death

I remembered how I use to cry
Every night as I tried to sleep
For months after you died

I remembered the time
That we spent together
For the short part of my life you were alive for

I thought about you
The outfit you always wore
For every party

I thought of how much I loved you
And felt horrible
For neglecting these thoughts for so long

Then I prayed to God
The first time since he took you from me
And begged him to take care of you