Keep the pen dancing

The lights are out
The room is cold my skin frozen
Eyes teared over in fright
As my world came down around me
Brick by brick
Rock by flying rock
Pounding me to a paste of human waste
I shudder with each invisible blow
Slouched over a book
Hand flying across the page
Nothing can go wrong while I write
Creating my own worlds
and wishing I could live these lives
yet knowing the truth

I shudder blow for hated blow
I scrawl messy handwriting
Like scratches in the dirt
Grade A quality of content
Presentation isn't my strong point
I pour myself into the pen
Watching it fly across the paper
Flow across the paper
Dance pen dance
My life depends on you

It raining now
Washing the outside world clean of waste
But I can still feel the dirt
The grime
The clawing hands of society
Telling me what I have to be
They cant see me now
Broken and bent
Scrawling happy endings
by the light of a single candle
stuttering as if buffeted by the winds of the world
but I know nothing can touch me now
Ive written my self into a corner
blocked my self off from the waking world
those who hide at night
and strut boldly in the daylight
as if they have no fear
I have no care not now
Not now in my place
In my world where only I am alive
And everyone else
Just symbols scrawled by my very pen
Easily marked over scratched out

Dance pen dance .
My life depends on it .