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A Fallen Star Written by: NPB4Ever For: All whom dare to read her writings.

Chapter 1


She stood there, hair long and wavy black with dark blue highlights and eyes the color of diamonds with a tint of blue. She was wearing a black dress, the only occasion where she would wear one. She hated to be girly but she was proud to be a girl. Her name was Mika, and she was at the graveyard, for her great-grandfather's funeral. Her great-grandfather, whom she had only seen once in her life, had died four days ago in a car crash. She wasn't sad, the man was old and was about to die anyways, car crash or not, but she had a feeling she should care more than she did now. He had probably included her in his will since his grand daughter, her mom, was his favorite since birth and vise versa.

She sighed with relief as someone she didn't know lowered her late great- grandfather's grave into the hole in the earth. The funeral was finally over and then she could get out of the black itchy dress and tight high heels and get into baggy pants, tennis shoes, and a tank top. She felt a tap on her shoulder. Her mom was behind her, eyes teary and red from crying.

"Your Great-Grandfather left you this." She handed her a silver chained necklace with a single blood-red ruby in the shape of an oval, "It was his mother's," she continued, "It was her favorite, and his also. But I have no idea why he left it to you."

"Oh wow, it's so pretty." Mika said looking at the neclace amazed at its beauty.

"Sssssseven dayssssss." A voice hissed.

Mika turned around and glared at her older brother, "Senko, I swear if you do that again I'll slap you. It's getting old."

Senko shrugged, "Fine, I'll go scare Shuiri. That's much easier."

"I'm right here." The seven-year-old girl pointed out appearing next to Mika.

"Damn!" Senko cursed.

"Mom's right there." Shuiri said pointing to their mother who was three feet away.



"Mika!" a female voice yelled.

Mika turned around to see her friend Riyo. She was at her high school, Shigishiro High School. Riyo was a girl with raven black hair and lavender highlights with violet eyes. She usually wore black baggy pants and a tank top, usually red. She either left her hair down or put it up in a pony- tail, in this case it was up.

"'Mornin' Riyo." Mika greeted.

"'Morning." Riyo said, "How was the funeral?"

Mika pointed to the ruby necklace on her neck smiling, "Pretty huh?"

"Oh wow! That's cool, and it's red too!" Riyo exclaimed as she looked at the necklace blinking once in a while.

"Yeah, my great-grandfather left it to me, it used to be his mom's." Mika explained.

"I bet it's cursed." a voice said. Both girls turned around to see Kachie their lovely corrupted friend. She had plain black hair and brownish red eyes. She was wearing black pants and a plain black shirt.

"Hey Kachie, where'd you come from, all of a sudden?" Riyo asked.

Kachie shrugged, "Home?"

"No duh. And it's not cursed." Mika said.

"Sure, that's what they all say." Kachie muttered.

~*~ After school ~*~

Mika, Riyo and Kachie were all walking to the snack store to buy a snack, they were also meeting some friends there.

"Tell me why we're going to the snack place again?" Mika asked.

"We're meeting Li, Steven and Kaeri there." Riyo reminded her rolling her eyes.

"I need to be home by 4:00 you know." Mika said glancing at her watch, it was 3:45, "I'm going home." She said as she turned around and started walking the opposite direction.

"God Damn it Mika, you have about fifteen minutes!" Kachie yelled annoyed.

"It takes me that long to get home stupid." Mika muttered.

"Don't get lost then," Riyo advised, "Bye."

"Bye." Mika said as she started to walk away from her friends. A few minutes later she found herself in an unknown alley. "Where the hell am I?" she asked herself.

"Hello, little girl." A voice hissed in her ear.

Mika turned around but saw no one. 'Who said that?' she asked herself mentally. She turned back around but in front of her was a very ugly man with holes for eyes. She screamed putting her hand to her mouth in shock.

"Shut it!" the man yelled putting his heavy hand over her mouth and with the other hand grabbed her wrist, "You gonna be my dinner!"

'A cannibal?!' she asked herself, she wasn't going to get eaten by this filthy thing. She kicked him but his hold on her wrist tightened.

Suddenly she felt someone kick the guy hard, knocking him out of her sight. In front of her was a young man with short black hair with a red tint and icy cold crimson eyes. He looked around her age, sixteen years, although he didn't look like he went to school, he looked more like a juvenile delinquent that never in his life learned anything but speech and how to socialize.

"You shouldn't wonder into alleys such as these." He told her.

"Uh, I kinda got lost." She replied.

"That doesn't mean you should go into alleys, I mean isn't that what cell phones are for?" he asked crossing his arms over his chest.

"I forgot mine at home." Mika muttered, today wasn't her day, "Oh yeah, thanks for saving me, I'm Mika."

"You could just call me Kaiji, although we won't be seeing each other again." He told her, "You should be getting home. Good bye."

Mika nodded as the boy disappeared deeper into the alley and she turned around to go home.


"What?!" the voice of Senko rang through her ears.

"I almost got eaten." Mika said boredly.


"No, EATEN!!!!!!!" Mika yelled.

"Eaten raped, same thing, he'll still have to take your clothes off." Senko pointed out.


"Is there something wrong?" their mother asked coming into the living room.

"Oh, no mom." Both siblings said rather cheerfully.

"Alright. I'll be in the kitchen." She walked away.

"You idiot, how could you get lost?!" Senko asked loudly.

"Like this," Mika put out her index and middle finger to represent a person, "Walking, walking, oops lost and almost eaten." She let the fingers travel across the table then made it stop then fall.

"But you still didn't tell me how you got out of it." Senko said.

"You don't need to know." Mika muttered.


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