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Chapter 7


"Hey, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kaiji shouted.

And so the day began.  As soon as the girls kicked Kaiji out of their room, they got dressed, cleansed themselves, picked up their bags and went outside to wait for the guys.  Well, as it was, the guys were already outside waiting for them.

"What the hell took you people?!" Kaiji yelled.

"Calm down buddy, nobody asked to be yelled at." Mika commented rubbing her ears.

"Well, you see, there's a bit of a problem—" Koji began.

"A bit of a problem.  Yeah, we're getting chased by big ugly fatass—" Kaiji began.

"Shut up." Koji muttered through his teeth.  "We need to leave now, or else we're screwed to hell." He told the girls with a pleasant smile.

Riyo blinked.  "We're being chased by big ugly fatasses?" she asked.

"Basically." Koji replied.

"Well, we didn't do anything." Mika pointed out looking at Koji.

"That doesn't matter!  We need to go, now." Kaiji said glaring at his brother.

Koji shrugged.  "But where do we go?" he asked.

"We go west." Kaiji replied.

"West?!  But that's where—" Koji began.

"Exactly, that's the point.  Well, we're not doing anything standing here, how do we get out of the hotel?" Kaiji asked.

"They're expecting us to come out through the front or back doors.  We're going underground." Koji replied.

"I'm lost." Mika whispered to Riyo.

"I know, they're not explaining anything." Riyo responded.

"Underground?  There isn't any underground tunnels idiot." Kaiji pointed out.

"We'll make 'em then." Koji replied.

"I have a better idea." Riyo said.

"Huh?" the two guys turned to face her.

"How 'bout you disguise yourselves as women and sneak out?" Riyo suggested.

"Yeah, and Kaiji's name will be Kiichi and Koji's will be Shinomi.  Hah, raspberry and pomegranate." Mika said.


"No." Kaiji and Koji said simply.

Riyo shrugged.  "Well, it was worth a try."

"But I wanted to see them in dresses." Mika pouted.

"I have a better idea." Koji proposed.  "You two go down and exit regularly.  If one of the guards ask you anything, tell them we're going to the top level.  That'll keep them busy.  Then you should go to the next town west."

"Hm, where's west?" Mika asked Riyo.

"West, opposite the sunrise." Riyo replied.

"Okay, that sounds good then." Mika said.

"But how will we meet up again?" Riyo asked.

 "We know where we're going, we'll be there as soon as we get through this town." Koji replied.

"Okay, let's go Mika." Riyo said.



"Excuse me ladies, where would you be going?" a tall big bodied guard asked.

"We're leaving, those stupid men are unbelievable!" Riyo shouted.

"Stupid bastards.  How dare they rip us off!" Mika added.

"Who?  They wouldn't happen to be two black haired twins would they?" the guard asked.

"Why, yes!  How do you know them?" Riyo asked with fake amazement.

"Where did they go?  Do you know?" he asked.

"They said they we're headed to the top floor for some reason." Mika replied.

"Thank you ladies, you may be on your way." He said then pulled out a walkie talkie.  "Sir Daikoyo, they're headed toward the top floor."

"Pursue them." The answer came.

Mika followed Riyo out of the hotel and they began to walk away from the crowd of guards.  "Who's Daikoyo?" Mika asked.

Riyo shrugged. "I don't care."

"Oh well, I hope the guys got through okay." Mika said.

"They better have, or else we won't be getting home." Riyo said.


"Right here." Koji declared pointing to a spot on the ground.

They were both on the bottom floor looking for a spot on the floor that contained a door to the world below.  They had found it, but now the problem was the carpet and it's evil desire to stick on the floor.

"You're going to burn the carpet?" Kaiji asked.  "Then they'll figure us out even quicker."

"Well that's not what I'm gonna do.  Set up a mirror trap." Koji ordered.

"Mirror?  Here?" Kaiji asked.


"Oh, I get what you're planning." Kaiji said as he cracked his knuckles and loosened his arms.  "Mirror huh?"


"To the top floor men!  Run!  Hurry!"

"Huh?  What's goin' on?" Akao asked as she popped her head out from her room.

"Nothing ma'am please go back inside.  There are two fugitives running around, we don't want anyone to get hurt!" a man shouted.

'Wow!  What a hottie!' Akao thought.  "Hey Cutie, what's your name?" she asked seductively.

"Uh…Itaki…" the man replied.

"Itaki huh?  Meet me after your search okay?" Akao asked.

"Uh…I gotta go!" Itaki yelled as he ran off and up the stairs.

"Itaki, he'll do as a good replacement."


"Do we know where we're going?" Mika asked.

"West." Riyo replied simply.

"Yeah, I know that part.  But we're not out of the town yet, are we?" Mika asked.

"We just left the town a few minutes ago.  See?  No buildings." Riyo pointed out.

"Oh yeah, but I think we're not going west." Mika said.


"Uri?" (Pronunciation: OO-REE)

"What was that?" Mika asked looking around.

"I dunno." Riyo shrugged.


They looked down and noticed a black little dog looking thing.  It was looking up at them with it's crystal blue eyes and wagging its short tail.

"It's—" Riyo began.

"KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mika screamed picking it up and almost squishing it with a hug.

"Uri!!!!!" it screamed happily.

"What is it?" Riyo asked eyeing the thing strangely.

"It's a cutie!" Mika replied.


"It keeps saying 'Uri', maybe that's its master or something." Riyo suggested.

"Maybe." Mika said.  "Can we keep it?  It can show us the way to the town we're going to."  She suggested.


"Yeah, it's sorta cute, I guess.  Where do you think it came from?" Riyo asked.

"The town we're going to.  That's why it found us." Mika replied.

"I doubt it." Riyo said.

"Hey, what do we name him?" Mika asked.

"How do you know it's male?" Riyo questioned.

"Because it is." Mika replied.  "How 'bout…Koni!"

"Koni?  Koni sounds like a name for a cute thing.  It kinda fits." Riyo said.

"Cool.  Let's go Koni!  Lead the way!" Mika set Koni down but he just stood there.

"Uh…I don't think he knows the way." Riyo pointed out.

"Yeah.  Oh well, let's just walk somewhere." Mika shrugged.

"Yeah.  Come on Koni." Riyo scooped Koni up and they began to walk again.


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